Mandarin Search: ye

also; classical final particle of strong affirmation or identity
profession, business; GB radical 111
xíe shè to harmonize, to rhyme; to unite; (borrowed for) leaf
page, sheet, leaf; rad. no. 181
(Cant.) an interjection; phonetic
father, grandfather
trail, tow, drag, pull
smelt, fuse metals; cast, found
㐖毒, an old name for India
trail, tow, drag, pull
bìng bèi fèi sound of flying or speeding
xíe shé wrong, evil, depraved, vicious, perverse, heterodox
place in today's Henan province
night, dark; in night; by night
a table, flat pieces of wood, a slip, a leaf
night, dark; in night; by night
xíe page, sheet, leaf; rad. no. 181
xíe used in transliteration
yān yàn throat; pharynx
zhuài zhuāi drag, tow; throw; twist
shè shoot, eject, issue forth, emit
mountain in Shandong province
phonetic used in Korean place names
bright, glorious, splendid, flame
bright; radiant; thriving
strive, endeavor
sào zǎo (same as 蚤) flea, to scratch, the mortices in the hub for the spokes of the wheel
the birds singing during the night; (Cant.) interjection to indicate the speaker is thinking
a place in eastern Shandong
open country, field; wilderness
è a kind of headdress for man in old China, a bag used to feed the horses
xíe xía slanting, sloping, inclined
visit, pay respects
xíe (same as 椰) the cocoa-nut palm
open country, field; wilderness
support with the arms; stick in, tuck in; fold up
shì sap, juice, liquid, fluid
è ài daub
sickness; repeated
make fun of, ridicule
(same as 捗) to swallow; to gulp, to be choked with food, (same as 諲) respectful; venerable
(same as ) name of a double-edged sword, (simplified form ) a chemical element () (Es)
to follow; to attach; connected
(same as 野) wild; uncultivated; a wilderness, rustic, savage
shé tíe díe to sort out the stalks used in divination; to fold
chá shū bitter vegetable
carry meal to workers in field
hùi unhappy, girlish
palm tree, coconut palm
díe small dish; window
profession, business, trade
father, grandfather
zhá to fry in fat or oil. to scald
díe half-sitting, half-reclining
shǎn swift currents; swift flow of water
ǎn to plough the fields
name of a variety of grass, a kind of vegetable, (same as 椰) coconut; coconut palm; coconut tree
àn to plough and sow, to farm
(same as 瘱)quiet; calm; still peaceful, gracefully quiet, clear and ev ident; obvious, deep and far; profound and abstruse, to conceal; to hide
(Cant.) thing
xíe shè leaf, petal; page of book; period
dark; the sun hidden by clouds, obscure
choke; hiccup
ài yǎn small bundle of rice plant, seed, grain
(same as ) to press with a finger; to tuck in; to put the finger into; to put in; to stow away
(same as 葉) a leaf; the page of a book, a leaf of a door, a lobe of the lungs or liver
precipitous; steep and lofty of a high mountain
a mirrow, lens; glass
díe (a variant of 燁) blaze of fire, splendid, glorious
è yān block, obstruct, stop up, conceal
visit, pay respects to
a fierce man-eating animal in legend
eating or talking, moving of the mouth
place in today's honan province
surplus, excess, remainder
bright, glorious, splendid, flame
bright; flourishing
bright; radiant; thriving
tuck; hold
thin plates of metal
moving of the mouth
xíe a white colored cluster grown at the tip of cogongrass, a kind of plants of the mugwort or artemisia family, an ear of grain
(same as 業) in ancient China, big piece of board (plank) on a music rack with the carving of the shape of saw's teeth; used to hang clock (musical stone, drum, etc.), instruction
xíe cakes
to tuck in, to put the finger into, to put in, to stow away
food (some food as glutinouss rice tamale -- made by wrapping the rice in broad leaves of reeds and boiled for a few hours --usually with other ingredients, as dates, meat, oyster, beams, etc.
nèi flying birds, a kind of bird
nìe zhè shè zhé whisper; surname
xíe xìn (corrupted form of 擷) to collect; to take up; to pick; to gether
carry meal to workers in field
(non-classical form of 鍱) thin plates of metal, to wrap with metal plates, iron of copper ore, ingots, bars of metal, a metal ring
cúo cùo zhěn to grind barley
chè yǎn to take, to select, to get angry; to lose the temper
(same as ) cakes
yǎn dimples
lots of fish