Mandarin Search: yi

𣘦 ebony
𥜥 the duration of a dynasty or reign
one; a, an; alone
second; 2nd heavenly stem
govern, control, manage; nurture
right conduct, righteousness
catch, arrest; shoot with bow
亿 hundred million; many
place; KangXi radical 170
already; finished; stop
cut off, reap, mow; sickle
remember, reflect upon; memory
number one
basin; container for wine
tái tāi platform; unit; term of address
name of a river, (same as 汊) a branching stream; branching creeks
consult, talk over, discuss
according to; to use; with, for
a tribe of savages in South China
by means of; thereby, therefore; consider as; in order to
ceremony, rites gifts; admire
strong; valiant
hàn Chinese people; Chinese language
a lady officer of the monarch's palace in old times
ancient barbarian tribes
different, unusual, strange
to vibrate; vibration, (same as 佾) a row or file of dancers, esp. referring to those in ancient dances at sacrifices or other rites
trail, tow, drag, pull
with purpose; with ambition; with the determination and courage to get ahead
clothes, clothing; cover, skin
also, too; likewise
(ancient form of 姬) a charming girl, a charming concubine; a monarch's wife
chǐ tūo drag along
to remedy by punishment; to punish; to reprove; to warn, in great distress; suffering hardships; distress; trouble; worry
(standard form of 仡) strong; valiant, a minority ethnic group in China
túo zhì hill
to rise high; to stand erect
third person pronoun; he, she, this, that
bridge, bank
xían particle of completed action
number one
túo tūo tùo other, he; surname; a load
right, fitting, seemly
art; talent, ability; craft
díe indulge in pleasures; flee
suitable, right, fitting, proper
yín river in southeast Shandong
chǐ tree
a tiny wooden post; peg
cure, heal; doctor, medical
gāi steam, vapor, gas
used to represent sound
talk in one's sleep, somniloquy
translate; decode; encode
bequeath, pass on to future generations
wind; walk out of straight path
wěi tail, extremity; end, stern
è area, district, city, state
to cough; cough
(same as 扊) the bolt of a door; door latch
service; a servant, laborer; to serve
press down, repress; curb, hinder
zhí skill, ability in handicraft a craft, an art, a calling; a trade; an accomplishment
(same as 尼) a nun, the mountains after which Confucius was named
a kind of disease
qín of tiger, to roar
of tiger
a kind of beast with long hair, other name for pig, fox, wild cat, raccoon
xìe to contract, draw in, reduce, shorten
to unravel or unreel silk; to interpret
pimple, sore, boil, wart, pustule
rely on, be set in; consent, obey a wish
a class, a category a corpse
enjoy, be glad, be pleased
harmony; pleasure, joy; be glad
hòu (interchangeable ) to linger; to walk to and from, to conceal; to cover up; to secrete; to hide; to cover over
dài subservient; servant; KangXi radical 171
zhì chí govern, regulate, administer
xìe leak; vent; flow; reveal
驿 relay station
licentious, libertine, dissipated
dúo shì marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance
sweet-meats; sweet-cakes; syrup
túo a steep bank, a declivity
a row or file of dancers
final particle expressing consent; talkative
(of animals) to eat grass
reach; achievement, accomplishment
zhài an amphibious beast resembling a tiger with one horn; place name
(same as 移) to change; to shift; to move; to influence, to coney; to forward
náo (same as ) bran; chaff, grains; corns; cereals
change; easy
(abbreviaded form of 溢) to flow over; to brim over, excessive
a range of peaks in Shandong and Jiangsu; the name of a mountain
suitable, right, fitting, proper
ài artemisia, mugwort; translit.
(a dialect) to engrave
díe rush forth; surpass, excel
dùo helm
to ditch; a moat
give to, hand down, bequeath
a kind of animal (same as 夷) generally called for minority groups in old China
shī shǐ grant, bestow; give; act; name
snivel, mucus from nose
(same as 詍) loquacity; to talk incessantly and tediously, to laugh, joy
in sequence, orderly; abundant
mother/wife's sister; concubine
a kind of monkey, fox
shí eat; meal; food; KangXi radical number 184
name of a hillside, name of a village, name of tomb of an emperor; name of a high mound
dangerous; hazardous; difficult; trouble, disaster or distress, name of a place
Chinese chess
a granary, a cabin, as in the ship, a corridor; a hallway
tūo túo wind; walk out of straight path
to moor a boat to the bank
羿 legendary archer
descriptive of creaking; laugh
expression of surprise
a shirt; a garment; a gown, a black dress
tái a table, desk
yín (corrupted form) right; fitting; proper; good, should; ought to; had better
(corrupted form) the upright bar for fastening a door
long oar, sweep
epidemic, plague, pestilence
bright light, sunlight; dazzling
díe the declining sun in the west
gate bar, bolt
sorrowful, depressed, unhappy
to bale out; to decant liquids
rely on, depend on; lean heavily
to sob
shè shoot, eject, issue forth, emit
fruit tree
(interchangeable 黓) black, color of the wine, sweet; honeyed; or pleasing
profit, benefit; advantage
friendship; appropriate, suitable
㺿 a jade-like stone, a kind of jade
dàn deceive, cheat; arrogant
mèi sleeves
to worship; to honor by a service or rite; to offer sacrifices to
pancreas; soap
yún yùn rue, herb used to keep insects away; to cut grass or weeds; art, talent, ability, craft, technique, performance, acting, trick, stunt
cut off, reap, mow; sickle
steps, grade, strata; series
womanly, (same as 姶 ancient form) exquisite; fine, used in girl's name, clever; bright; nimble, cute; lovable
moist, wet, dampen
túo millet wine
to shift; to transfer; to transform
chì dèng to gaze at
disrespectful; irreverent, to make light of; to neglect; careless; rush, to exchange, (said of one's personality) easy to get along with
chè chí (same as 匙) a spoon, a key
nèi bamboo with white bark, (same as ) tongs; pincers; tweezers, weary; tired; fatigued, small box
shì art
a border; a limit; a dike; a frontier; a boundary
a kind of rice plant
shé túo chí snake
support with the arms; stick in, tuck in; fold up
ě bricks (same as 瓵) an eathen jar, a jar for the ashes of the dead
translate; decode; encode
fluttering of the flag, the flags
sequence, number; grade, degree
to add to; to increase; increase; full, plentiful; abundant, saliva
barley; coix agretis
work hard; belabored; toil
(same as 毅) firm; resolute; determined
yān thereupon, then; how? why? where?
wound, bruise, sore
(same as ) small and thin piece of bones
ē wēi exclamation of admiration
shì sap, juice, liquid, fluid
to treat; to detain, according to one's wishes, good words; honest; sincere words, an echo, joke; witticism; pleasantry; jest; fun
an echo
bright; daybreak, dawn; the next day
chǐ change place, shift; move about
xìe bridle; halter
flying; assist, help; respect
chǐ shì (standard form of 舐) to lick
flee, escape, break loose
chair, seat
salute, bow; defer to, yield
shì interprete, elucidate; release
fierce dog; interjection of pleas; (Cant.) strange
cheeks; jaw; chin; rear; nourish
xìe díe zhá qìe beating of ocean; surging of wate
yàn biāo flames
sprouts; tares
xìan yán envy, admire; praise; covet
xìe rope, cable; reins; to tie up, bind
up; uneven
dài tái bequeath, pass on to future generations
different, unusual, strange
animal horns
give to, hand down, bequeath
díe zhé rush forth; surpass, excel
(same as 潝) the noise of flowing water, swift flowing water (same as non-classical form of 澀) rough; harsh; not smooth, a slightly bitter taste
(same as 劓) to cut off the nose; cut off
number one
(ancient form of 饐) cooked food which has become mouldy, sour
(same as 翼) wings, fins, to help, to protect
the buttocks; the bottom; the rump, to groan; to moan
(simplified form) (same as 翼) wings, fins, to help; to assist
water current; water flow
long, a big raft, a kind of equipment made of bamboo used to catch fishes
anxious, unsuccessful man
(same as 貤) to change hands; to shift, a series, steps; grades, to promote; to reward; ennobled; to bestow, to extend; to prolong
chà an abnomal unborn baby
dark black, black
chì a bamboo vessel used to catch fishes
(same as 酗) drunk; to lose temper when drunk
xìan yán envy, admire; praise; covet
one of the wind instruments; a bamboo flute with seven holes
gāo hào spy on
diào (a kind of) rocks; stones
é moth
è (same as 詍) loquacious
zhì name of a place, name of a mountain
right conduct, righteousness
hang, strangle
a kind of plant; chicken-head; Euryale ferox
melancholy and sad, withered (said of grass and trees)
(same as 膈) the diaphragm
learn, practice, study; toil
overflow, brim over; full
(same as ) to laugh heartily; to roar with laughter; to groan; to moan
ǎn eyes, closed eyes
weak; feeble, to mourn, ulcer; cancer; carbuncle, short
progeny, descendants, posterity
do not care about something; disregard, to be ashamed
agricultural implement; farm tools, a big sacrificial vessel; a tripod of bronze with two ears; a caldron
to bind, to pack up the bows and the cover of the bows
shī shé túo a short spear; thallium
a kind of pen; a kind of chisel
maternal grandmother, a midwife, an old woman
used in girl's name
zhì kǎi pheasant; crenellated wall
cheeks; jaw; chin; rear; to nourish
thought, idea, opinion; think
ài the throat; to quarrel, choke
chǐ chí part
greedy, stingy
reach; achievement, accomplishment
to wrap and bind; damp; a book bag
asses braying, to be happy suddenly, cruel; malignant; coarse, rude
wèi lose; articles lost; omit
excellent, rare; beautiful, fine
wéi maintain, preserve, safeguard
sweet-meats; sweet-cakes; syrup
fine thin silk; elegant, beautifu
(Cant.) the smell of oily food that's gone bad
tǐe iron; strong, solid, firm
è āi ēi éi ěi èi an exclamation of confirmation
withered; faded; to die, a minor illness (of foot and hand)
tái tāi tower, lookout; stage, platform
(same as 瘱)quiet; calm; still peaceful, gracefully quiet, clear and ev ident; obvious, deep and far; profound and abstruse, to conceal; to hide
relay station
compliant, yielding; easy-going a newborn child
dust; dirt; a smear, (same as 曀) the sun hidden by clouds, obscure
(ancient form of 飴) syrup; jelly-like sugar made from grains
bright, splendid, glorious
a light cyclone; a whirlwind
ripples on water; swirling
compliant, yielding; easy-going
work hard; belabored; toil
romantic; tender; charming
níng doubt, question, suspect
an ancient unit of capacity with three feet and a big opening, a container used to wash rice
bury, inter
crumbs of barley; bran; chaff
the shin; to pierce; to touch
(ancient form of 懿) virtuous, expecially women, admirable; esteemed; excellent
bright and sparkling
measure of weight for gold
quick, urgent, anxious, not going to succeed, poor quality of silk fabrics
䭿 a swift horse, to summon; to ask; to solicit; to request; to seek for
dark; the sun hidden by clouds, obscure
(same as 藝) skill, ability in handicraft, a craft, an art, a calling, a trade, an accomplishment
(same as 饐) to stuff full and to gulp down, cooked food which has become mouldy, sour
(same as 猗) an exclamation indicating admiration, an adverbial particle
resolute, decisive, firm, persist
ceremony, rites gifts; admire
hundred million; many
friendship; appropriate, suitable
fishhawk bow or prow
kùan shì sùi to ornament; to decorate, to push
leather; processed hides, trappings, known together as saddle; a saddle-like terrain or thing and rein, etc.
to administer; to regulate; to manage; to govern, people to have both talent and virtue, quiet; calm; safe; secure; stable
bury, inter
shú a kind of stone, sound of pebbles or stones rubbing or knocking together
many; flourishing; uxuriant growth (of vegetation)
a kind of pen; a kind of chisel
used in place names; stratus
die; kill, exterminate
(ancient form of 懿) virtuous; fine; good
moving, as in ripples; moving to and fro (said of water) (interchangeable 裔) the hem of a robe, a border, a frontier, border bribes
hang, strangle
(corrupted form of 檥) (interchangeable 艤)to moor to the bank
(same as large seal type form of ) a four years old cattle; a two and a half years old cattle
a kind of animal, cattles and horses to prance; to be lively
cut off nose
water gushing out; bubbling up, waves sweeping over the flowing water
wèi súi lose; articles lost; omit
stormy; cloudy, misty; dim; (Cant.) sultry
belch; alas
dúo shì marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance; damp, moist; fertile
a kind of plant, the root is used for food
(sama as 嶬) high mountains; steep; lofty
a black stone like jade; jet
to call; to scream; to whistle, name of a stream
remember, reflect upon; memory
a cataract or film over the eye
bow of junk
damp; humid, to eat to the full
a range of peaks in Shandong and Jiangsu; the name of a mountain
name of a horse
yi; tripod, wine vessel; rule
yi; tripod, wine vessel; rule
cheeks; jaw; chin; rear; to nourish
(same as 嶬) precipitous; nigh and dangerous, name of a mountain
enjoy, be glad, be pleased
(ancient form of 鮨) fish pulp; mashed fish, fine-cut meat, something like the large amphibious creature; newt but very much larger, small fish, (same as 鰭) fins
a range of mountains in Hunan province
xìe to cut apart; to divide
dislike; be weary of; explain
yǒu black
the sheat fish
the pelican
zhī seasoned rice mixed with fish or vegetables
able to take a correct view of things; to response correctly (said of small children), sound; echo
sweet-smelling; fragrant, tasty; delicious
chí chǐ shake and wave of the grass
(non-classical form of 貽) to give to; to present to, to hand down; to pass on to; to bequeath
shade, screen; to hide, screen
a second name for the globefish; blowfish; puffer
(same as 噎) to choke on food, (ancient form of 饐) decayed; rotten and smelly
chest, breast, bosom; thought
art; talent, ability; craft
variant of 艤 , to moor a boat to the bank
side room
hemp, marijuana (female; pistillate), herbage
shì to confer posthumous titles
be; particle; sigh, alas
(same as 業) in ancient China, big piece of board (plank) on a music rack with the carving of the shape of saw's teeth; used to hang clock (musical stone, drum, etc.), instruction
yi; tripod
measure of weight for gold
the abrupt and hasty sound of the crowd
salted fish, globefish; blowfish; puffer
wings; fins on fish; shelter
cure, heal; doctor, medical
black and shining; ebony
yi; tripod, wine vessel; rule
to moor a boat to the bank
hawk; Ardea cinerea
a kind of wasp
a cuttlefish
hawk; Ardea cinerea
shì to unravel or unreel silk; to interpret, explain
name of a variety of grass
(same as 寱) (standard form of 囈) to talk in sleep; somniloquy
a large earthenware jar with a small mouth and two or four ears; a big pot; bottle; pitcher; jug; vase
seed of job's tears; lotus seed
rooms connected, moveable house ( a yurt, a portable, tentlike dwelling used by nomadic Mongols)
consult, talk over, discuss
shì interprete, elucidate; release
virtuous, especially of women, admirable, esteemed, excellent
translate; decode; encode
è yǎo (same as 鷊) a kind of bird, a kind of grass, (same as ) a fabulous sea bird
rings on the yokes
bamboo joints, name of a variety of bamboo, small bamboo
art; talent, ability; craft
spoiled, rotten, sour
open the door
fishhawk; bow or prow
a kind of tree; often used to make instruments for sacrificial ceremonies in ancient times
(same as 繹) a kind of sacrifices offered to gods or the deceased, rotten food, food, cakes and biscuits
virtuous, admirable, esteemed
talk in one's sleep, somniloquy
relay station
(same as 鸃) the crow-pheasant
rán to fear; to dread; to be afraid of
spawn, or roe, a kind of fish
'kimono' sleeve
water currents; flowing of water
díe fine cotton cloth; fine woolen cloth
number, to count; to enumerate