Mandarin Search: yin

yǐn hidden, mysterious, secret; to conceal; small; minute
yǐn go; KangXi radical 54
yín yóu to move on; coubtful
yǐn to pull, draw out, attract; to stretch
yǐn govern; oversee; director
yín to help; to aid; toassist (ancient form of 岑) a relatively high, pointed hill, silent; still; quiet
yīn cause, reason; by; because (of)
yǐn (corrupted form) to follow, to trust to; to put confidence in; to depend on, to turn around; to turn the body, (interchangeable 隱)
yín (ancient form of 吟) to hum; to intone, to moan, to sigh, high ridges of cliffs, pebble ground
yìn print, seal, stamp, chop, mark
yǐn yìn (same as 引) to pull; to attract, to guide, to introduce, to quote, to retire
yín river in southeast Shandong
yín yǐn (same as 狺) to bark (said of a dog), (same as 齗) gums (of the teeth), (same as 啀) dogs to fight with gnashing and grinning; looks very angry
yán yàn yín words, speech; speak, say
yǐn zhèn a rope for leading cattle or horse
yǐn yìn drink; swallow; kind of drink
yín border, boundary
yín sing, hum; recite; type of poetry
shěn yǐn smile at; sneer at
tīng tìng yín hear; understand; obey, comply
yīn yìn ān 'female' principle; dark; secret
yín (same as ) two dogs are barking to each other, rude spoken language; rude talk; unpolished; rustic and coarse
yín to absurd pursuit or desire; to wish wildly; to desire to long for (usually more than one's rightful share), to knit; to weave
yín boundary, bank of stream or river
hěn yín yán kěn hǎng vicious, cruel; severely, extreme
yīn relatives by marriage
yīn to restrain; to dam a stream and change its direction; a mound
yìn heir, successor; progeny, posterity
yín (corrupted form) right; fitting; proper; good, should; ought to; had better
yīn grey horse
yīn yìn sound, tone, pitch, pronunciation
yìn zhèn green colored melons
yìn (Cant.) sediment, precipitate
yǐn name of a variety of grass
yín (ancient form of 寅) the third of the twelve terrestrial branches, a fellow officer, horary sign (for period from 3 to 5 a.m.)
yǐn name of a variety of bamboo
yín the snarling of dogs
yǐn zhèn a rope for leading cattle or horse
yǐn earthworm
qín yín salt marsh plant
yín (corrupted form) high ridges of cliffs
yīn yān yǐn many, great; abundant, flourishing
yīn yán hanging fog, misty
yān yīn smoke, soot; opium; tobacco, cigarettes
kèn yín (interchangeable 啃) to bite; to gnaw, a gnashing sound, (standard form 齦) gums (of the teeth), erosion; to erode
yīn marriage connections, a bride
yín to respect, reverence; respectfully; 3rd terrestrial branch
yīn yìn ān 'female' principle; dark; secret
yín silver; cash, money, wealth
yīn indium
xīn yín pleased, delighted; happy
yín cliffs
xīn yín (simplified form of 訢) (same as 欣) joy; delight; happy
yín yàn yáo obscene, licentious, lewd
yín obscene, licentious, lewd
yìn yǒng (same as 胤)the succession in a family; posterity; heirs, to inherit; to follow after
yìn (same as 垽) sediment; dregs; precipitate; lees
yín to hum, to intone, etc. to close, to shut
yīn mat, coverlet; underwear
yǐn yìn hide, conceal; hidden, secret
yìn yīn shade, shelter; protect
yīn a cushion, mattress; wormwood; Skimmia japon
yìn an organic compound
qīn qìn yín respect, admire; respectful
yīn matting; coverlet; cloudy
kěn yín gums (of the teeth); to dispute
yīn comfortable, contented, peaceful
yīn bury; dam, block up
wěn yìn (same as 吻) the lip, the tone of one's speech, to kiss; a kiss
yīn yìn to be dumb; the sobbing of infants
yīn yān bury, sink, block up; stain
yīn ān yìn shady, secret, dark; mysterious; cold; the negative of female principle in nature
yīn small hill, mound; bury; dam
yǐn (same as ) Erysipelas, sloughing of an ulcer, painful; aching
yǐn the leather belt that connects a horse with a cart
yǐn yìn drink; swallow; kind of drink
yǐn drink; swallow; kind of drink
yín (same as 吟) to chant; to intone; to sing; to recite; to moan; to sigh
yǐn to be near to, close to, to recollect; to recall; to look back upon
yìn yīn shade; protect, shade, cover
yǐn to hide, conceal, cover; to disappear, lurk; an open secret
xìe yìn water current, water flow
yín distant place; remote; deep
yǐn careful; compassionate; to take an interest in; prudent; cautious, worried and grieved
yìn xūn yīn a cellar, a store-room
yīn offer sacrifice; sacrifice
kěn yín gums
shèn yín (same as 謓) anger; rage; angry; furious, (ancient form 慎) cautious; careful; scrupulous; prudent
yīn dumb, mute, unable speak
yīn careful, anxious, attentive
yín county in Zhejiang province
yín silver; cash, money, wealth
yīn indium
yín speak gently; respectful
yǎn yǐn spear
yìn to beat; to pound; to ram down, to attack
cén yín (same as 霪) to rain cats and dogs for a long time, incessant rain
tán xún yǐn dàn deep pool, lake; deep, profound
xún yín steep bank by stream; jiujiang
yǐn (ancient form of 飲) to drink; to swallow
yín (ancient form of 垠) a bank; a boundary
yìn cautious; willing; but, moreover
yīn grey horse
yìn (simplified form of ) a kind of fish, live in the ocean, dark brown color with two white vertical marks; flat shaped head
cán chěn shǎn yǐn zàn zhàn (same as 蠶) silkworm
yǐn rash; addiction, craving, habit
yìn drunken sound, drunk, to ferment; food made through the way of fermentation
yìn cautious; willing; but
yìn a disease of the heart
yǐn yìn hide, conceal; hidden, secret
yǐn to curl up; to roll up, to wrap up; to bind
yīn curved, bent; a curved wall
yǐn (same as 釿 斤) an ax; a hatchet, to cut off; to chop off
yǐn yǎn long
yìn yīn shade, shelter; protect
yǐn the earthworm
yín tán xún silverfish
yín argumentative, talkative
rén yín a legendary animal; a fox-like animal and with a man's eyes
jiǎo xiào yín to make decoction of salt
yìn (same as 蔭) the shade of a tree, to cover up; to cover or screen
yín gūan huge fish; widower; bachelor
yìn yǐn ridge pole; shape wood by use of heat; tool for shaping bent wood
qìng yǎn yìn hold on to one's own views, to keep the mouth shut, stingy; miserly; niggardly; parsimonious
kěn yín gums (of the teeth); to dispute
yín long and heavy rain
yǐn melancholy; grievous; mournful; to feel sorrow or grief; to grieve; to mourn; to be sad, prudent; cautious
yǐn to sew clothes; to do needle-work
gūan gùan kūn gǔn yín huge fish; widower; bachelor
yǐn shape wood by use of heat; tool for shaping bent wood
kěn yín qǐan gums
yǐn rash; addiction, craving, habit
yǐn cloudy
yán yín (ancient form of 荶) a kind of vegetable; something like garlic; growing in the water, name of a variety of grass