Mandarin Search: yong

𠆌 yōng (variant of 庸) usual, common; to use
yòng use, employ, apply, operate; use
yǒng long, perpetual, eternal, forever
yǒng dòng path; river in Ningbo; Ningbo
yòng name of a mountain, the plain between mountains
yòng yōng yóng commission fee
yǒng kùi moment, instant, short while
yǒng dive; swim
yǒng yōng embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
yǒng sing song or poem, hum, chant
yǒng wooden figure buried with dead
yǒng brave, courageous, fierce
díe yǒng frivolous; flippant; capricious; playful
yòng measuring unit for thermodynamics
yōng carbuncle, sore, ulcer, abscess
yōng yǒng former or literary name for Nanning (in Guangxi)
yǒng chōng surge up, bubble up, gush forth
yóng (non-classical form) harmonoy; peace, pleasant; agreeable; delightful
yǒng name of bridge
yǒng instigate, incite; to alarm
yōng yóng usual, common, ordinary, mediocre
yìn yǒng (same as 胤)the succession in a family; posterity; heirs, to inherit; to follow after
yǒng (ancient form of 勇) brave; courageous; bold; valiant; fearless; gallant; heroic
yǒng tóng a grindstone; (same as 硐) a cave, cavern
yǒng sing, hum, chant
yǒng well up; gush forth; rise
yóng the mouth of a fish at the surface of the water, gasping for breath
yōng oh
yǒng used in person's name
tǒng yǒng dòng tóng bamboo pipe; fish hook
yōng harmony, union; harmonious
yōng yóng hire, employ, charter; servant
yǒng chrysalis, larva
yōng yóng state in Henan province
yǒng leap, jump
yōng yóng indolent, easy-going, lazy
yǒng urge, incite, egg-on
yōng yóng wall; fortified wall; small wall
yóng solemn, large, grand, majestic
yǒng yíng sacrifice
yǒng to walk
yǒng leap, jump
yǒng (same as 壅) to stop up; to obstract
yōng large bell used as musical instrument
yōng yǒng to obstruct
yōng yǒng embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
yōng (ancient form of 庸) to employ; to use, to manifest
yóng a kind of worm produced in water
yǒng yōng swell up; swelling; fat
yóng solemn, large, grand, majestic
yōng loss of the sense of smell
yǒng a flathead (fish)
yǒng seeds of the plant allied to the water-lily; used when ground into meal; as a coarse food, also as medicine (same as 壅) to block up, to bank up roots of plants, to impede (flow, etc.)
yōng marsh; pool; harmonious
yōng a large bell used as a musical instrument
yóng yōng bighead
yōng wèng Ipomoea aquatica used as a vegetable
yōng harmonious; pool; hall
yōng a river in Shandong province; a sluice
yōng breakfast; eat prepared food
yóng yōng a kind of tench
tóng yǒng name of a horse, a young horse
yōng carbuncle, sore, ulcer, abscess