Mandarin Search: yu

kǎo qiǎo obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters
kūi lose, fail; damage; deficient
in, on, at; go to; surname
I, me; to give
wáng wàng king, ruler; royal; surname
and; with; to; for; give, grant
drive, ride; manage, control
jade, precious stone, gem
interjection 'Alas!'; to sigh
wéi dike, embankment
house; building, structure; eaves
屿 island
state in Henan province
(non-classical form of 臾) a moment; an instant; a little while; a short time
pen; radical number 129
bend, turn, twist; distort
writing brush, pencil; thereupon
filthy, dirty, impure, polluted
to become associated with each other in good manners and politeness
feather, plume; wings; rad. 124
filthy, dirty, impure, polluted
humpback; stoop
(large seal type 宇) a house; a roof, appearance, space; the canopy of heaven, to cover
filthy, dirty, impure, polluted
surfeited, satiated; confer
a final particle used to express admiration, doubt, surprise, or to mark a question
beautiful, fair, handsome
old woman, hag
(same as 雨) rain, to rain down; to pour down
xíe shé wrong, evil, depraved, vicious, perverse, heterodox
1/2 pr stone
to enter, to go ahead; to proceed; to advance, to improve, to offer
(same as 玗) fine stone like jade
doctrinaire, abstruse, unrealistic
valley, gorge, ravine
I, my, me; surname; surplus
in, on, at, by, from; than; with reference to; compared with
run swiftly
basin; cup
hùo or, either, else; perhaps, maybe
in, at, on; interjection alas!
hàn xìe illness; disease
xúe yùe to beat; to strike, to throw; to pitch, to scoop out to dig out
grains producing neither flower nor fruit
fish; surname; KangXi radical 195
jìu lǐu to feel or touch with hands; to hold, to lay the hand on, to cover
móu (same as ) a basin; a bathtub, a kind of tool or utensil, (interchangeable 模) form or shape of a thing; style; pattern; appearance; look, a sample
yǒng kùi moment, instant, short while
rain; rainy; KangXi radical 173
produce, give birth to; educate
(non-classical form) mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad, to fear; fear; dread
sweet smelling, rich in aroma; (Cant.) to move, hit
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
júe (corrupted form of 怴) crazy; mad, anger; angry, idiotic; silly; stupid, ill-will; enmity; animus
shù surname; consent
shù surname; consent, approve
tools to draw water or liquid
name of a pavilion (Han Dynasty) in today's Henan Province
prison, jail; case; lawsuit
ōu bend, turn, twist; distort
ancient woodwind instrument
a kind of rock
ǒu district; mountain in Zhejiang
legendary hsia dynasty founder
language, words; saying, expression
dirty; filthy, corrupt, soap, black, to unravel silk threads
flowing of the water
bright light, sunlight; dazzling
refined, cultured, polished
峿 mountain
valley, ravine
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
prison, jail
lot of melons growing but the root is weak and feeble, wearied and worn
carry on one's shoulder
flatter, truckle
gōu to crouch; a hunchback
great; big; tall; vast, noble; high in rank, very; much
rare treasure
bathe, wash; bath
yóu fine stone which is little less valuable than jade
surplus, excess, remainder
prepare, arrange; in advance
to be scattered (over an area); to spread, to give an account of; to explain; to expound, to follow
bed, window
proclaim, instruct; edict
an alms bowl; a small bell
offer sacrifice for rain
concerned about, anxious, worried
yùan yǔan yǔn yūn yūan pasture, park, garden; mansion
è yān block, obstruct, stop up
threshold; separated, confined
to smile at
stable, corral, enclosure; frontier, border
drive, ride; chariot; manage
Chinese parasoltree, Sterculia platanifolia
desire, want, long for; intend
wèi officer, military rank
mud, sediment; clog up, silt up
to fish; seize; pursue; surname
ground, fertile land
district, region, boundary; land
fish; surname; KangXi radical 195
chéng (same as 域) boundary; a frontier, a region; a country, (ancient form of 城) a city; a town
with great power; vigorous; very strong; with great force, (same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; region, great; big; vast
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
tǒng to lead on; to advance, to strike against; to break through
(same as 庾)a stack of grain, a measure of 16 dou
fish, eyes of the fishes
chǔ a kind of animal
to walk alone; self-reliant
granary; storehouse
change; chongqing
county in Shandong province
shē to cultivate land by first setting fire to it
county in Shandong province
mountain recess; canyon
shù to walk swiftly, (same as 矞) scared; afraid; fearful; frightened
thorny shrub with yellow flowers; a kind of oak
yūan to bear a grudge against
wèi yùn (a variant of 熨) to iron, an iron for smoothing garments (same as 尉) to still; to quiet, a military official
dài shù light; bright, warm, genial
(Cant.) to move, touch, hit
ǎo lame; crippled
bright; flame
branch, fork; tray
yóu lift, raise; praise; hang; flap
júe bore with awl; bright, charming
absent-minded; unconscious, happy; glad; joyous
long, a gown; a long dress
tōu pleasant, delightful; please
dressed leather; a large belt
misfit; disordant; music instrument; hoe
(same as 狳) (a variant of 貐) a kind of beast
(same as 宇) the canopy of heaven; space, to cover; to shelter
drive, ride; manage, control
shē reclaimed field
metaphor, analogy; example; like
(Cant.) to move, touch, hit
yóng the mouth of a fish at the surface of the water, gasping for breath
myna; manah; Acridotheres tristis
zhōu zhù rice gruel, congee
shū open up, unfold, stretch out; comfortable, easy
(same as 宇) a house; a roof, look; appearance, space
tōu handsome
residence; lodge; dwell
corner, nook, remote place
melancholy; grievous; mournful; sad, to fear; to dread; to be scared of
yáo to exceed; a state in Shanxi province
to blow off, to blow; to puff
tōu handsome, cheerful; steal
bright, shining, brilliant
fame, reputation; praise
è name of a variety of grass, (as moxa) (Perilla ocimoides)
place in Sichuan
abundant, rich, plentiful
desire strongly, covet, long for
public office; official residence
wēi to stew, simmer
(same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; a region; a country, to keep within bounds
drag-net made of fine mesh
a despatch boat
a hematoma, contusion; extravasted blood
fat; fertile, rich; plump, soft
to cook meals; to cook food; to prepare a dinner
flawless gem or jewel
stone resembling jade; agate
prison, jail; case; lawsuit
tóu zhù privy hole
chú shú toad
(same as 祅) bizarre, calamity due to terrestrial disturbances (as distinct from 災 -- disaster which is sent down from above) (interchangeable 妖) weird; supernatural, a ghost, bewitching; seductive (said of a woman)
elm tree
name of tree; surname
used in person's name
ào mysterious, obscure, profound
surfeited, satiated; confer
more and more, even more
a stack of grain; a measure of 16 dou3
xúe a typhoon; great gale of wind
dòu go over, pass over, exceed
meet, come across, encounter
prepare, arrange; in advance
yùn (same as 俁) of great stature; stalwart, to injure, to grieve
stupid, doltish, foolish
give birth to; bring up, educate
humpback; stoop
(same as 裕) wealthy; abundance; plenty, generous
rare treasure
yǒu (non-classical form of 栯) a kind of tree, a fruit tree
(non-classical form of 諛) to flatter, flattery
elm tree
(same as 鬻) to sell; to buy, to nourish
to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
old woman, hag
a fine stone resembling jade
dòu dōu a small door or window; a hole in the wall to cut through a wall
and; with; to; for; give, grant
earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock etc.)
to see for a short time
get well, recover
(same as 罭) a drag-net; a fine net used to catch small fish
(same as ) tools to unreel silk
yān to fade; withered or dried leaves; tobacco (used for and )
gūo a fabulous creature like a turtle; a toad
to fish; seize; pursue; surname
hùo to weave silk fabrics with green color for longitude and white for latitude, silk fabrics from Yuyang
curtain on a carriage or car
sound of the water drops, raining, acquired dialects, (interchangeable 羽) feather; plume
hàn qìa (same as 漢) name of a dynasty, belonging to China, the Milky Way the Han River, (interchangeable 域) a frontier; a boundary; a region; a country, to live; to stay
luxuriant, elegant
wǎn yùan yùn luxuriance of growth
language, words; saying, expression
uneven teeth; to disagree
mǐan wèi decorated jade or ornament on a scabbard
misfit; disordant; music instrument; hoe
a poker; brass filings; to file
yùn wèi iron, press
dirty, useless, weak, powerless; cracked, a flaw
breeze; light wind
(same as 禦御) to forbid to prohibit; to ban, to resist; to sustain; to ward off
(same as 漁) to catch fish, to fish, to seize
júe fareshare reclaimed from river
(same as 魚) fish
lust, desire, passion; appetite
(same as 驈) black horse with white thigh
tǒu proclaim, instruct; edict
relaxed, comfortable, at ease
è yān block, obstruct, stop up, conceal
desire strongly, covet, long for
ào inlet, bay; dock, bank
flatter, truckle
a kind of bean, beans that changed the colors
place in Sichuan
ào profound, subtle; warm
(same as 魚) fish, inferior horse with blind eyes
ō moan; interjection for pain, sad
respectful; attentive, carefully; cautious; to heed; to be watchful, to rely on; to trust to; to lean towards
exceed, transgress; cross over
cart, palanquin, sedan chair
wèi net
threshold; separated, confined
ào four walls
surplus, excess, remainder
comply with, obey; shun, avoid
defend, resist, hold out against
(same as 御) to drive; to control; to manage, imperial, to wait on, clean; pure
gúo yellow-faced; emaciated look, (same as 聝) to cut off the ear; to cut off the left ears of the slain; to count the number of enemy troops one killed by the number of the left ears cut from the bodies
with elegant appearance, with beautiful or gorgeous color; refined, learned and accomplished
a hole; an opening; a aperture; deep; far and profound
chè (same as 鶩) ducks; either wild or tame, a chick, a very young bird -- fledgling
to rain, to stretch; to open; to r elax; to unfold, slow; unhurried; leisurely
(same as 嶼) an island
yǒu a pheasant-like bird
snipe, kingfisher
輿 cart, palanquin; public opinion
weapons; arms ( a lance; a spear)
wèi luxuriant, thick; ornamental
to sign in lamentation, crying of a piggy, a kind of beast
gūo small green frog; cicada
name of a variety of grass; perilla ocimoides, whose seeds are a bird feed
Lepsima saccharina, a kind of silvery worm that eats clothes, books, etc.
ào warm; warmth
yòu a black ape with long tail, (same as 貁) a kind of animal (of weasel tribe)
hùo shè (same as 魊) a cyclone; a whirlwind, a fabulous creature which supposedly hurts human beings by casting sand out of its mouth; ghost
name of a horse, a traveling horse
a mythical creature said hurl san
mynah bird; Acridotheres tristis
beautiful jade
hurricane; gale; cyclone
get well, recover
a final particle used to express admiration, doubt, surprise, or to mark a question
stag; herd
shè wán yìng black, dark; deep
to walk in a composed (comfortable) way, respectful; reverent
shoulder bone
bamboo basket for washing rice, implements used to move the silkworm
unfitted for each other; irregular; unsuitable; not well-matched, a hoe, (same as 鋙) a musical instrument, pewter
an military flag oa standard
to eat too much, surfeited; to confer
the roaring of the wind, cold wind
(same as 纁) light red (same as 黦) yellowish black
envy; hate, dislike; resentment
díe nìe xìe color of the fire, color fading, (interchangeable 渝) to change mind, another name of Chongqing
(simplified form) to fish; to seize
fame, reputation; praise
(same as 魚 漁) to fish, to seize
uneven teeth; to disagree
lóu a carp-like savory fish
black horses
a fence
zhōu zhǔ zhù sell; child, childish; nourish
name of a river, moving; swinging as in ripples
a kind of rat-like bird, a vulture or a condor-like bird
shù snipe, kingfisher; Tringa species (various)
óu uneven (teeth)
eastern jackdaw; Corvus monedula
beg, appeal for help
luxuriant; dense, thick; moody
luxuriant; dense, thick; moody
misty mountain
luxuriant; dense, thick; moody
appeal; request; implore
(Cant.) to smoke, fumigate; to bleach with burning sulfur
fragrant herb; fragrant plant; tulip