Mandarin Search: zeng

zòng zōng zèng arrange threads for weaving
zhèng zèng polish
céng zēng already; sign of past
chéng shèng zèng a bamboo mat, a kind of bamboo, bamboo ware, a seat cushion in a carriage
zōng zòng zèng arrange threads for weaving
zēng increase
zēng hate, detest, abhor; hatred
zēng céng silk fabrics; surname
céng zēng state in today's Shandong province
zēng increase, add to, augment
zèng give present; bestow, confer
zēng hut
zēng a large square net, lowered and raised from the bank of the river
zēng arrow with attached silk cord
zèng boiler for steaming rice, pot
zěng zhǎ paddy field; rice field
zēng céng zèng silk fabrics; surname
zèng short T-shirt, lined garments without padding
zèng give present; bestow, confer
zèng a large earthen pot for cooking, a large iron cauldron used to cook in old times
yùn zèng black color, black specks; mottles on the face, black face, (same as 暈) to faint; giddy and dizzy