Mandarin Search: zhao

zhǎo (ancient form of 爪) claws of birds or animals, feet, to scratch, to claw, to grasp
zhǔa zhǎo claw, nail, talon; animal feet
zhào shào imperial decree; summon
zhào omen; million; mega; also trillion. China = million; Japan and Taiwan = trillion
zhǎo search, seek, look for; find
zhào decree, proclaim; imperial decree
zhūa zhāo scratch; clutch, seize, grab
zhāo endeavor, strive; encourage; cut
dào tiǎo zhào to turn over the clod of the earth with a shovel or a spade, to plough the land for rotation of crops, a channel for irrigation in farmland
zhāo qiáo sháo beckon, summon; recruit, levy
zhǎo lake, fishpond, swamps
zhào depraved talking
zhào zhāo illumine, light up; reflect
zhào sacrifice
chǎng zhào (a variant of 昶) a long day, bright, extended, clear
zhāo bright, luminous; illustrious
zhào tiǎo surname; ancient state
zhào ladle, bamboo skimmer
zǎo zhǎo flea; louse
zhāo endeavor, strive; encourage; cut
zháo zhe zhāo zhúo make move, take action
zhào to pierce; to stab, (same as 挑) to stir; to disturb; to agitate, to place the hand on, to impeach, (a dialect) to lift something heavy from one side or from the end
zhōu zhāo chirp, twitter, twittering
nào chùo zhūo zhào slush; mud
cháo táo zhào a second time growing of rice plant, rice plant, (dialect) sorghum; kaoliang
zhǎo reptiles without feet, a fabulous beast
㹿 diǎo zhào zhúo a fierce dog, bite fiercely (said of dog), hunting in winter, a kind of beast
zhào zhāo decree, proclaim; imperial decree
zhào young goat (sheep) under one year old, castrated ram of hundred catties (Chinese pound)
zhào an embroidered pennant
zhāo cháo zhū dynasty; morning
zhūo zhào oar; boat
zhào basket for catching fish; cover
zhào shine, illumine, reflect
sāo zhǎo to scratch
zhào (same as 照) to shine upon; to light or illumine
tiáo zhào long, of space or time, profitable, excelling
zhào a basket or a cage used to keep wild and domestic fowls
tiáo zhào a legendary animal in ancient times
zhǎo a kind of bamboo, hem; margin; edge of bamboo
zhào begin, commence, originate
zhào zhùi (ancient form of 墜) to fall down; to sink
zhào tiǎo diào surname; ancient state
zhǎo (same as 獠) generally called for minority groups (southwest area) in old China, to hunt at night by torches, lascivious, weird, allurements
zhào (same as 罩) a cover, a shade, a basket used to catch fish
zhù zhúo chú zhāo zháo zhe manifest; (Cant.) to wear
zhào to commence; to found; to devise. at first. to originate. to strike
chè zhái zhào (same as 棹 櫂) to row a boat, an oar, a scull, a boat
cháo zhāo ridicule, deride, scorn, jeer at
zhúo zhào shùo wash out, rinse; cleanse
zhào a walking horse, a horse not moving forward, a swift horse
zhào zhūo oar, scull, paddle; row
cháo zhāo a kind of sea turtle; surname
謿 cháo zhāo ridicule, deride, scorn, jeer at
zhào pheasant