Mandarin Search: zhe

zhé nǜe zhè tūo to depend on, to entrust with
zhé ear lobe; lobule
zhé zhǐ mountain, (corrupted form of 底) underside; bottom; basis; foundation
zhé shé zhē break off, snap; bend
zhé small; to store up or pile in order, to follow; to trace, a short step
zhè zhèi this, the, here
chéng shèng zhé (same as 丞) to respectfully receive, to flatter; to pay court to
zhè (same as 柘) a thorny tree about 15 feet high, the leaves are used for feeding silkworms before the mulberry leaves are ready or when they are scarce, bark contains a yellow dye (interchangeable 蔗) the sugar cane
zhè a thorny tree; sugarcane
zhé ears hanging down
jíe zhé (same as 矺) to rap; to tap; to beat(same as 磔) torture of dismemberment used in the ancient times, sound of throwing something to the ground
zhé (ancient form of 得) to obtain; to acquire; to gain, to effect; to attain, can; may; able to be done
nìe zhè whisper; surname
zhé colar, the front of a Chinese gown, lapel of a Chinese dress worn by the literati in former days
zhé wise, sagacious; wise man, sage
zhě zhū that which; he who; those who
㪿 zhé to break; to snap; to bend; to bow down
shé zhé a hammer
zhè Zhejiang province; river
zhé wise. to know intuitively
zháo zhe zhāo zhúo make move, take action
shù zhù zhē numerous, various; multitude
zhé zhē zhì light of stars; shine
chá zhà zhé something in the cave
zhé sides of chariot where weapons
zhè (in chemistry) olein, oil and grease; fats (esp. animal), the ribs and skin
díe zhé tree with small leaves, mushroom; fungus, mould, ror mildew
zōu zhé corner, cranny, nook, niche
zhè zhèi yàn this, the, here
díe zhé zhì (same as 晢) clear, bright; glorious; to be sharp and perspicacious; able to examine the tiniest things
zhé a sage; wise; sagacious
zhě (Cant.) interjection of warning; phonetic; penis
chà zhái zhé hide; conceal, a house not so high
díe zhé rush forth; surpass, excel
zhé fear; envy; loquacious
zhí zhé to hibernate
zhé charge, blame; disgrace; demote
zhé thin cut of the sliced meat
zhé zhē jellyfish
zhé to cut the; to sever grass
shè zhé afraid, scared, fearful
dǔo zhě germanium
shè zhé vessel; container
zhù zhúo chú zhāo zháo zhe manifest; (Cant.) to wear
zhé sides of chariot where weapons
zhé fold, bend; twisted, curved
zhāi zhé pluck, pick; select; specify
shè zhé fear; terrified, fearful; fear
zhē to screen. loquacious; (Cant.) final particle used to defend oneself or protest against others
chě shéng xǐng zhè (non-classical form of 繩) a rope; a cord, to restrain, to rectify; to correct
chǔ zhě zhǔ bag, valise; stuff, pad; surname
zhé sides of chariot were weapons
shì zhé match, comfortable; just
chì zhè (simplified form 螮) the rainbow
zhē cover, shield, protect
shěn zhé moving image; moving shadow, flowing water
zhé to dismember, tear apart; downward stroke slanting right
zhé (ancient form of 襲) to put on; to wear, repeated; double; to inherit; to attack or take by surprise, to accord with; to unite
zhě reddish brown; hematite; ochre
chè zhé wagon ruts, wheel tracks
zhè partridge
zhè a kind of worm; can be used in Chinese medicine
zhé zhě díe pleat, crease, wrinkles
zhé zhí to hibernate
shì zhē poison; sting; poisonous insect
zhé to roll round with the hand; to paste up; to attach to; to stick up; to glue, poor quality of rice
zhè sugar cane
zhě dǔo germanium; metal flashing on the axle of a cart
zhé zhí (same as 植) to plant; to set up, to erect, plants
鮿 zhé dried fish
zhé charge, blame; disgrace; demote; punish
nìe zhè shè zhé whisper; surname
nèi shé sùi zhé (same as 讘)hasty words, loquacity, for the sake of comparison (large to small; big to little, etc.)
zhè zhì (non-classical form of 躓) to stumble; to trip, to be frustrated
chè zhé wagon ruts, wheel tracks
zhé zhè name of a variety of grain
zhè herb medicine; dendrobium
dǎn dàn zhé a kind of beast, a kind of mule
zhè black
shè zhé afraid, scared, fearful
zhì zhé hawk, vulture
zhè partridge
zhé punish; fault, blame, reprove
zhé shè fear; envy; loquacious
zhé zhě a pleat in a skirt