Mandarin Search: zhuo

𠭴 zhūo (same as 㑁) short; of short stature
sháo zhúo spoon, ladle; unit of volume
zhúo bridge
zhúo yùe to pour
zhúo painfully sad, scared; afraid; fearful, anger, melancholoy; grievous; mournful; sad, to be concerned about
zhūo (same as 𠭴 𠭴) short; of short staturee
zhúo burn; broil; cauterize; bright
zhūo profound, brilliant, lofty
zhúo to connect
zhúo zhūo stupid, clumsy, crude; convention
júe zhùo the buttocks, the anus
zhúo chù sew, stitch; insufficient
zhūn chún tún zhūo the gizzard of a fowl; honest, sincere
zhúo muddy, turbid, dirty, filthy
zhúo cut, chop, lop off
chùo zhúo a kind of animals (like rabbit, it is blue colored and much bigger)
zhúo to soak, to steep in water
zhúo serve wine; feast; deliberate
zhūo grasp, clutch; catch, seize
zhūo table, desk, stand
bào zhī zhúo páo noise of tramping feet
zhúo slander; gossip; rumors
zhūo noticeable, large; clear, distinct
zhǔo thick (grass)
zhúo joist; cane, club; king-post
chù zhúo sew, stitch; insufficient
㹿 diǎo zhào zhúo a fierce dog, bite fiercely (said of dog), hunting in winter, a kind of beast
zhúo (corrupted form of 椓) to beat; to tap; to thrash, castration as a punishment in ancient times, a castrate man, to accuse or charge
涿 zhūo zhúo drip, dribble, trickle
nào chùo zhūo zhào slush; mud
zhúo tūo joist; cane
zhúo zhú to sprout, flourish; sprouts appearing above-ground; vigorous
zháo zhe zhāo zhúo make move, take action
zhǐ zhúo a thorn, to select; to pick, to push, to find out, to cut out; to engrave, sound of striking
zhúo zhòu to peck; (Cant.) to slander
zhùo to mix; to blend, to display in neat rows; to place in order
zhúo zúo polish jade; cut jade
zhúo strike, hit, beat, hammer
zhūo zhào oar; boat
zhúo small pillars that support the roof, those which rest on the main bean
niǎo zhúo the buttocks; the rump, fat; plump, one of the seven constellations; name of a star, the anus
júe zhúo (same as 斲) to cut to pieces; to hack; to chop or hew, to carve for ornaments
zhúo cut off
chùo zhúo raised path between fields
zhù zhúo chú zhāo zháo zhe manifest; (Cant.) to wear
zhúo cut, chop, hack
zhúo to bestow; to grant, to act; to do, quiet; still, peace; tranquility
zhù zhúo chopsticks
zhúo chaff; bran; husks of grain, name of a place in ancient times
zhúo fetters, shackles
zhúo chūo diào zhūo tiào to get ahead; to stride; to excel
zhúo slander; gossip; rumors
zhúo muddy, turbid, dirty, filthy
zhúo zhùi armor neckplates
zhòu zhúo a beak; to peck; to order, enjoin upon
zhúo a squirrel-like animal, a flying squirrel, a rat-like animal; much smaller
jiǎo zhúo deliver, submit; hand over
dùi zhúo high and lofty
zhúo a kind of beast; looks like a deer; white-tailed (same as 蠗) a kind of animal (of monkey tribe)
bǐng zhúo (same as 餅) cakes; biscuits; pastry
zhúo zhào shùo wash out, rinse; cleanse
zhúo to cut to pieces; to hack; to chop or hew; to carve for ornaments
zhúo pull up, draw up; select
zhúo bracelet, armband; small bell
chéng zhúo name of a variety of grass, (same as 橙) the orange
zhào zhūo oar, scull, paddle; row
zhúo to pierce; to stab; to hurt, to give; to hand over; to confer, to teach, to build, to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
zùi júe zhúo little, small, tiny; petty
jiǎo zhúo jiào deliver, submit; hand over
zhú zhúo walk carefully; hesitate, falter
zhúo shǔ bracelet, armband; small bell
zhúo phoenix
zhúo exquisite; fine, sharp; distinct, bright-colored
zhá zhúo yellowish black and white, short and black, over-fatigued; weary; tired