Mandarin Search: zi

𠂔 to stop
zi offspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch
zǎi small thing, child; young animal
name of a place
jǐan zhāi even, uniform, of equal length
letter, character, word
self, private, personal; from
zǎi (corrupted form) name of a mountain ( the location is unknown)
(ancient form of 子) child, seed, 1st terrestrial branch
be as diligent as possible
zhī chirping, squeaking, hissing
jíe zhì to strike; to run against to throw, as a stone
a kind of jade
elder sister
zāi ground that has been under cultivation for one year; evil, calamity
to slander, revile
to hoe
elder sister
to clatch, to grasp with the hand, to pinch, to kill, to attach from the sideway, to strike with the hand; (Cant.) to tear, rip
zhāi even, regular, uniform all alike; to arrange
cùi nǎo to accumulate, to massage the cheeks
side room
姿 one's manner, carriage, bearing
fèi meat
chái zhài firewood, faggots, fuel
to vomit; to throw up; to disgorge, hiccough; shortwindedness, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), to sigh with grief or regret; to lament; to deplore
inquire, consult, discuss; plan
to hoe up the earth around plants
seed, pip, pit, stone
now, here; this; time, year
chún qúan tún zhūn zhǔn pure, clean, simple
one thousand millions, sometimes used for one hundred millions
the female of certain animals; to bring forth young of animals
eye sockets; corner of the eyes
zhài flaw, fault, defect; disease
xúan now, here; this; time, year
indulge oneself, unrestrained
resurrection; to come to life again, sick
property; wealth; capital
to stick in, to stab; to erect
zhì defects; flaws, illness; disease
corner of the eyes, eyesockets
property; wealth; to count
purple, violet; amethyst; surname
black silk
dense; crowded; closely, a piece of wood used to strike off grain inm a measure thus - to level; all; to adjust; overall
bed boards, sleeping mat
river in Shandong province
soak, steep; dye; stains; sodden
catalpa ovata
chái a plant yielding a red dye
rotten meat; bones of dead animals
consult, confer; communicate in
minced meat; to cut meat into pieces
bad-mouth; criticize; defects
property; wealth; to count
now, here; this; time, year
a supply cart, covered wagon, dray
grain offered in ritual sacrifice; millet
fat, (interchangeable 腦) the head
hàn jíe zhǎ (same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
grow, multiply, increase; thrive
zǔi beak
to consult about, to plan; to report in writing to an equal; a despatch
property; wealth; capital
zài zǎi dài zāi load; carry; transport, convey
can't move; to falter
kick; place in Shandong province
breed in large numbers
8 oz; an ancient unit of weight
a hill in Shantung
sediment, lees, dregs
variant of 孳 , to breed in large numbers
to show the teeth; crooked teeth
hoe; mattock
soak, steep; dye; stains; sodden
jǐan zhāi even, uniform, of equal length
zāi to weed grass; land which has been under cultivation for one year
black silk
rice cake
xīn zincum
sick, a dead animal, skeleton
thin, emaciated; barren
a supply cart, covered wagon, dray
food made of crushed and cooked rice
8 oz; an ancient unit of weight
consult, confer; communicate in
vegetable soup, a kind of vegetable
can't move; to falter
large tripod caldron with small
hoe; mattock
chái to show the teeth; crooked teeth
cúo cùo zhěn to grind barley
the fishing cormorant
鶿 cormorant