Mandarin Search: zuo

zhà zùo first time, for the first time
zǔo left; east; unorthodox, improper
dài hǔo zúo (ancient form of 火) bright lights and illuminations of the fire, fire sounds
zùo (same as 作) to make; to do; to act, to write; to compose; to rise, work
zùo zūo zúo make; work; compose, write; act, perform
zǔo assist, aid, second; subordinate
zùo sit; seat; ride, travel by
zùo name of a mountain in Shandong
zǔo can not walk normally
zùo to be ashamed
zùo (same as 坐) to sit, a seat
zùo the steps leading to the eastern door
zǔo (Cant.) verbal particle of perfective aspect
zùo zhà oak; spinous evergreen tree; to clear away trees
zùo to rise; contracted; cramped
zúo yesterday; in former times, past
zúo zùo a kind of mountain cattle; big and heavy
zùo meat offered in sacrifice to one's ancestors
zùo seat; stand, base
zhà zúo zhǎ zùo stone tablet; monument
zùo throne; bless; blessing, happiness
zùo frivolous; flippant; disrespectful; irreverent; to insult, young, used in girl's name
zǎn zùo (same as 怍) to be ashamed; mortified; chagrined, to change color; to blush
zúo clutch, grasp; pull up; contradict
zǔo (Cant.) particle indicating past tense
zùo (corrupted form of ) a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, an instrument of torture for squeezing the fingers of prisoners or witnesses in order to extort evidence or confession
zúo (same as 笮) narrow, boards laid across rafters, an arrow bag, a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, (same as 筰) rope made from bamboo-splints, (interchangeable 鑿) to bore or pierce through
zùo work, make; act
zùo thick and big ropes or cords; bulky cables, spoilt silk
zúo zhà boards which support tiles on roof
zúo to fit a handle into a socket; a plug or cork
zùo toast one's host with wine; to express juice by pressing
zhúo zúo polish jade; cut jade
cháo zàn zùo (ancient form of 饡) to put the thick soup or broth on top of the rice (same as 饘) thick congee or porridge
zúo money; currency and finances
zhà zúo to walk
záo zùo chisel; bore, pierce
zúo cable
fǎng hǎn mǒu zǔo (ancient form of 嗟) to sigh in lamentation; to lament; an exclamation expressing grief or regret; to exclaim, name of a hill
zhǎi zùo (Cant.) food; profit
zùo common people; people in ordinary feature or countenance, to walk, to go in a hurry
cùo zùo (same as 蓌) to squat; to crouch, setback; defeat; failure; not doing well; disappointed; very discouraged; frustrated
cūo zǔo little bit, small amount, pinch
zùo mat
zūo chuài to lap; to suck
tiáo zùo the reins, a small bronze ring used to connect the reins
zùo to sound, a sound, the cry of a bird or animal
zúo name of a place in Sichuan Province
zào zùo (same as 嘈) noise; uproar; din
䯿 zúo a coiffure with a topknot, hairy, dishevelled hair
záo zùo zào chisel; bore, pierce